Release and ICH Stability Testing

The challenges of release testing and ICH stability testing — critical steps to ensure your final product’s quality and safety — should not be overlooked. Due to the comprehensive testing demands, release and stability require significant expertise and resources. Non-standard and specialized conditions for ICH stability testing can further complicate this process.

When you partner with Cambrex, you gain access to our extensive capabilities, equipment and decades of experience. Our experts will work with you to determine the best testing strategy to advance your product. Our capabilities for full release and routine testing include:

  • Method establishment (compendial verification, method transfer or method development/validation)
  • Raw material testing
  • In-process chemistry testing
  • API and drug product release testing
  • ICH stability testing
  • Comparator testing

Cambrex is an established and leading provider of comprehensive analytical testing. Our team members provide a seamless method onboarding process, leading to the establishment of robust methodologies at our sites to support your program.


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