Topical products, whether prescription dermatological drugs or over-the-counter lotions, creams, ointments or gels, present unique development and manufacturing challenges. When you partner with Cambrex, you gain technical expertise and fully equipped facilities, simplifying the progress of your prescription or non-prescription topical dosage form to market. You can rely on us to provide integrated formulation development, tech transfer, scale-up, manufacturing and packaging for a variety of topicals.

Keeping It Simple

Our development facilities are co-located with our manufacturing and packaging operations to provide seamless transitions from pre-formulation and formulation development to clinical and commercial supply. Our robust technologies and equipment support a comprehensive range of services necessary for successful lotion, gel, ointment and cream manufacturing.

Our equipment and capabilities include:

  • Bioequivalence by semi-solid In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)
  • Chemistry and microbiology labs
  • Preservative challenge test
  • USP microbial limits testing
  • Lotions, creams, gels and both sterile and non-sterile ointment manufacturing
  • Semi-solid cGMP batch sizes from 400 kg to 900 kg
  • EKATO system to manufacture registration or commercial batches from 40 kg to 150 kg
  • Krieger system for aseptic manufacturing
  • Liquid (lotions) cGMP batch sizes from 10 L to 4,000 L
  • Supply chain management expertise and materials sourcing
  • Packaging options from aluminum, laminate and plastic tubes to bottles and jars in sizes from 2 g to 50 g


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